PT Revolution brings together physical therapists and creative thinkers to unite and collectively shape and challenge the future of physical therapy and business.
You will find all of the important details here so you can begin planning your involvement at one of this year’s events. We look forward to seeing you there.
Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas, TX 75207
This is an extra exciting opportunity because you will not only experience a PT Revolution event, but you will also have the opportunity to meet actual FYZICAL owners who are coming together for Brand Triumph! Brand Triumph is our annual extravaganza where the franchisees from all around the country gather and share ideas, best practices and success stories. 
While you are there, check out the Reunion Tower GeO-DeckThe Sixth Floor Museum, or soak up Dallas history on a food tasting and cultural walking tour with Food Tours of America!
Saturday, July 30th, 2016
111 Airport Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15231
While you are there, check out the Kennywood Amusement Park, the Pitssburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, the Carnegie Science Center,  the  'Burgh Bits and Bites Food Tour, the incredible Duquesne Incline, or cruise through the city with Healthy Ride Pittsburgh, a bike share system!
Saturday, August 6th, 2016 
6677 Sea Harbor Dr
Orlando, FL 32821
While you are there, check out SeaWorld, Walt Disney World including the Disney Boadwalk -a quarter-mile promenade of exquisite dining, unique shops and exciting nightlife, Universal Studios, the Crayola Experience, or Discovery Cove!
PT Revolution speakers include star-studded folks with incredible experiences, while other are quiet giants – leaders and boundary pushers. One thing is certain – you will be inspired!
Topics Covered at PT Revolution Include:
  •      Delivering Better Patient Outcomes: Building a Better Business
  •      The Science of Business: Managing Your PT Business
  •      Market Growth Dominance: How to Increase Referrals
  •      The New Age of Healthcare: How it Impacts the Future of PT
  •      PT-Rx: The PT Business Model Transforming Healthcare
  •      The Next Evolution of Patient Care: Balance Your Practice with this Little Known Secret
  •      The Independent Practice: Gaining Competitive Care Advantages
  •      The Business of Balance: Explore a Turnkey Business Opportunity That's a Natural Fit for Your Physical Therapy Practice.
Innovative Physical Therapists are seizing an opportunity to help their patients and expand their practices for these 3 reasons
1. Enhanced patient care
As many as 35% of adults aged 40 years or older – approximately 63 million Americans – are experiencing some forms of dizziness and/or balance dysfunction
2. Increased ancillary revenue
Medicare and most insurance companies cover Balance therapy. Reimbursements are earned for the initial evaluation, balance testing and for the actual treatment allowing you to generate substantial amounts of ancillary income.
3. Maximize physician referrals
Welcoming new patients into your practice for balance retraining leads to greater opportunity. Not only will you begin to tap into referral sources not referring to you today, but you will also increase the amount of referrals from physicians who already refer to you today. 
What is it?
A free, informational event for private practice owners hosted by FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, the fastest growing health care franchise in the world

Why should I go?
Health care is changing rapidly in the United States. If you don't have a plan for the future, you will be left behind. This is your opportunity to see the plan & turnkey business model from the fastest growing PT company in the world, which is helping: 1) Patients obtain better outcomes and 2) Business owners make more money.  

Why should I go now?
FYZICAL territories are going fast. Since FYZICAL launched 2 ½ years ago, 518 FYZICAL territories have been claimed, LOCKING OUT 680 (and counting) private practice clinics FOREVER. They will never hear about this opportunity again! Because once a territory is claimed, it’s CLOSED. If your competitor is going to be there, wouldn't you at least like to gather the business boosting tips and decide whether the opportunity is right for you before you're locked out?

Who will be there?
This event is hosted by successful private practice operators who represent 850+ associates from the FYZICAL family/team. Attendees will be private practice owners looking to see how they can be a part of the bright future of physical therapy (while gaining valuable info to use in their current businesses).

What's the catch?
There is no catch. The FYZICAL family grows stronger as the brand continues expansion. Again, the event is free, and nothing will be sold. We simply hope you share the same vision as hundreds of other private practice owners. If you don't, we guarantee you'll discover at least one specific tactic to immediately improve your business or we'll write you a check for $500. No questions. No hassles. No problem.
Have more questions? Call now...
(941) 444-6533
Receive FREE with your registration: 
"The 9 Things Every PT Business Needs to Succeed"
By Mike Graves, MS, PT
Mike Graves has been a private practice owner for the past 18 years . He owns and operates 6 PT clinics in West Palm Beach, FL that generate over $6 million of revenue per year!
All attendees also receive a FREE 
Private Practice Success Kit:
  •      7 Tips to Skyrocket Your Referrals
  •      3 Common PT Private Practice Misconceptions
  •      20 Undeniable Truths About PT Industry
  •      5 PT Practice Killers
  •      1 Book EVERY Business Owner Needs in Their Library
There is limited seating at the event, and seats are secured on a first come, first serve basis. 
There is no cost to attend, all we ask is that if you register, show up!
"Very informative – I have been wondering what the future of PT holds – This is my first look into obtaining information on the big picture and how it will impact us.” 
– Lisa S. (Rochester, WA)
"Awesome. It scratched my itch! All my concerns, fears, and issues regarding the PT profession and how to handle the aches & pains of growing my new clinic have been answered." 
– Rudy P. (Tampa, FL)
"This is where the PT field should go. Thank you for the time and effort to help us succeed and thrive!" 
– Rex H. (Traverse City, MI)
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